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Own Your Social Media

Social Media is the preferred method to connect with people.

Social media seems like it’s never going to slow down. Its becoming the preferred method to connect with people and businesses. With Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, Twitter and all the others, we are headed into a new realm of engagement.

Personal social media posts are more sheltered and resist haters because most people viewing your posts are on your friend list and hopefully friends. Arms length communication and collaboration tends to be the norm. If we have had a bad experience with communicating IRL (In Real Life) and who hasn’t, the chances of us avoiding similar scenarios is more likely. Because of this social media is now the preferred method to connect. Social media is safe, easy and we can delete something if it’s not as favorable as we hoped.

Try new things


As a Manager and business owner I’ve led people to tasks only to see fear overwhelm them and inexperience stagnate any natural drive. Social media tends to remove this for the most part. We can try new things, post about food, news, politics, business, pets or really anything without an overwhelming amount of ridicule or judgement. Further more when we begin to test the waters with no results it normally means nobody cares or its not interesting. Social media largely follows the old adage. “If you have nothing good to say then don’t say anything.” This isn’t the rule but more the guideline. especially on your personal network. In the end this is because your audience or friends on social media are so inundated with new and information that we all truly have to pick our battles. We only crap on the ones that we feel truly deserve it. Social media has grown into a monster with teeth. Those teeth grow sharper based on your popularity and content.

Social media is a numbers game.

Social media is a numbers game with the ability to get a lucky hit. Be relevant, be entertaining, be natural. Try different things and get out the video camera. Take some photos, Facebook loves narcissism so go selfies!

get-to-the-topHow do we get to the top?

How do we get to the top of social media? the good news is there is no top. you have to be a creator and collaborator within your own personal community. As you create more content you’ll be able to focus your skills and see what the home runs are and what are the duds. You will need to be mindful of the seasons and have a good sense of humor and irony. Watch lots of videos about content creation and try to avoid hiring a stranger to help you with original content. Focus on the things you love.

Define a purpose.

If your page is a business then your social media pages should all have a similar theme. Likewise the content should have a similar theme. Once you have a proper theme just keep producing, sharing, and posting content and making offers to create individual interest. People like to join a cause so having a cause can help too. Our page Calgary Inventors Community is directly related to technology and invention. So all the content is related to that and the followers are into it and more likely to be interested.

Keep Connecting

Join local groups, message people and friend the ones you know and are also well connected. Asking someone with a large friend list to give you a shout out isn’t the worst thing, try to avoid spamming.

For starters you can join our local networks.

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Boss Meeting Review

BOSS (Business Owner Strategy Support)Deb Popplewell

Sat Nov 12, 2016 3-6pm, BP’s (Memorial Dr NE)

Review by Debra Popplewell (keener meetup attendee)

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I attended the latest meetup focused on Social Media Strategies hosted by Richard Allen owner of a few different businesses who started BOSS as a network support for small business entrepreneurs like himself. Richard has established a very large network on Facebook alone and continues to evolve his business of to promote other small businesses through this exposure as well as various marketing efforts.

Attending the meetup included a sampling of entrepreneurs like a financial planner, health and wellness educator, property investment facilitators, lead generation specialist, SEO specialist, lingerie/martini party hostess, custom closets, specialty imports, career consultant, and myself (a budding website builder entrepreneur). Each meeting brings different types of business owners in Calgary looking to network and gain advice from each other.

Through this BOSS meetup I learned two main streams of things:

More about what BOSS offers:

  • Free meetups to the Calgary community – promotion/network/advice sharing, camaraderie (via pub nights)
  • Sponsorship opportunities to showcase businesses on Facebook, meeting materials

More about Social Media as per these highlights below:11

Go Live (as in real-time, as much as possible and especially at first)

  • Can’t beat meeting and sharing your business with your network in person and as you articulate your business offer business cards/ postcards with social media links and follow-up online asap (next day), if so bold you could offer to show your prospective client your website, FB, etc. using their phone if you can do so unawkwardly
  • Ask prospective clients and people generally to follow you

Get Savvy

  • Make yourself easy to find
  • Hire social media expertise or learn yourself and build your online presence depending on which is most relevant to your business and your audience (business website, LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, snapchat, etc.)
  • Link, market, and monitor your sites

Facebook (FB) for Business 101

  • Know that FB is designed to make business owners pay to market and advertise; there are costs and limitations (e.g. mass inviting restricted to 500)
  • Features: 6 or so different types of business pages, ratings feature (like
  • Target your audience and messaging (focus your content on your business and what’s relevant in your industry e.g. post trends, primarily add humour/distraction as it relates to your business
  • Cross reference your business profile with your personal profile (and remember to keep your personal posts neutral if you’re going to do that)
  • Follow your followers (acknowledge positive posts, questions, complaints ASAP); factor timing and relevance, “now generation” will forget you in minutes, replying three days later on a post too late, etc.
  • Likes vs Shares – be careful of reposts, tags, do not send if you haven’t received permission, don’t just “shout out to the wind” like mass-message “hope to see you all there!”; need to factor CASL rules around unsolicited private messages [KNOW CRTC CASL RULES]
  • Don’t over-send too frequently and especially if not significant (you will annoy, be blocked, unfollowed etc.)
  • Groups not valuable, pages are better
  • FB based on impressions (views, likes, shares, etc.) not webpage clicks as far as SEO stats go
  • FB great for storytelling your business, photos (e.g. showing “before/after” reno-work), show you and your business interacting with your clients, other community-based aspects
  • Run contests
  • Offer discounts
  • Announce and plan events (don’t use third-party software to mass invite on fb, fb will ban your site temporarily)
  • Have a business website link at the top of profile and promote FB followers to visit your website easily so hopefully with curiousity they will look and learn more about your business outside FB (where distractions are rampant)
  • FB offers immediacy that websites may not, e.g. people are frequently checking latest posts in their FB-feed (depending on how users have notifications setup)

General Digital Marketing Tips

  • CASL – Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation, know it thoroughly and take seriously!
  • USP (unique selling proposition), have one!
  • SEO – search engine optimization (google analytics, visits to your site, etc.)
  • “black hat marketing” (e.g. buying likes or using gimmicks to increase likes even if completely unrelated to your business like having a woman model herself to gain likes followers who has nothing to do with your business)
  • viralability” [how fast social media topics spread]
  • Hashtags e.g. #BOSS, #lifegoals, #[makeupanythingyouwant]– use them to attract new followers (may even be unrelated to business but exercise judgment on ROI and perceptions of doing so)

Engage your “social hubs” (people who are happenin’)batman-hates-social-media

  • Find and engage those who are well connected and frequent users of social media
  • Stroke ego’s of your clients, followers, commenters
  • Seek win-win’s, make things worthwhile and valuable for others


  • Less focus on this, it was thought to be a dying platform or at least not as relevant to ROI


  • ROI minimal, effort to post new, create content very time consuming
  • Depends on your business, may be great if you are featuring many photos (e.g. photography, reno’s, food, jewelry, personal care, etc)


  • Not discussed, similar to Instagram


  • Not discussed, similar to Instagram

In conclusion, Richard is BOSS and works hard to engage the group and keep the momentum of this network going. He’s knowledgeable, personable, approachable, highly networked.

BOSS meetup was BOSS so come to the next meetup and be a part of it!

Clix Saver

We market businesses to bring you long lasting, loyal customers.

Sell earlier than you think you should.

It’s hard to sell a product before it exists. It’s also hard to perfect an offering without steady cash flow. So where exactly is an entrepreneur to begin? We’ve polled leading entrepreneurs on the art of the first sale, and here’s what we learned on how, when, and where to focus efforts.

Sell earlier than you think you should.

Eric Ries sums it up in his lean startup strategy by recommending entrepreneurs to get in front of prospects on day one. Hit up prospects at every opportunity, and gauge their reaction to your concept long before a prototype exists. Assemble a wait list, build excitement, and don’t waste time creating until you know that it will sell. Research also indicates that it’s easier to get people to commit to an idea when they are involved in its creation, so pull your most desirable prospects into the concept development phase and establish relationships that will be needed to sustain your business later on.

Shut up and listen.

It’s hard to open up to criticism, particularly in the early stages of a startup when passion is at its peak. Hearts and souls are poured into product development and refinement, but every market has its pain points and this is some of the most valuable information an entrepreneur can extract from a prospect. The better you understand the problem, the more likely you are to nail the solution.

Know (and own) your value.

It’s tempting to sell at any price as entrepreneurs scramble in the early days to establish a following, but resist the urge and hold true to your sustainable price. Be bold in your ask, and comfortable in the dollar value you’ve aligned with your product. If you don’t believe in it, neither will your prospects. It’s also common for prospects to work you down on price when they know your company is young and eager for business, so be prepared to justify your pricing and validate your offering.

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Sell to the biggest players first.

Founders often tackle the low-hanging fruit first, failing to recognize that one big name can bring in hundreds, if not thousands, of sales to follow. Focus efforts on strategic buyers, who are likely also the people who will enable your business to sustain operations over the long haul. Set a goal of one big, smart win, and use that as the bait to attract the others.

Establish credibility.

Being a first buyer is scary, because there is no proven track record to reference. In the absence of a product to show, ease the fear of buyers’ remorse by selling your team. They are the people who are ultimately accountable to customers, and if you can highlight their accomplishments alongside a winning concept, you just might build confidence in the hearts of skeptics. If your team is green, bring in advisors or board members with stellar reputations to vouch for your business.

They’re wrong. Size doesn’t matter.

Entrepreneurs often go to great lengths to mask the fact that they’re working alone or alongside small teams. Being small can be an asset, so highlight to your prospects that, as the CEO, you are far more committed to customer satisfaction than a sales rep at a larger competitor, and also better able to customize an offering based on the unique needs of your audience.

Regardless of team size, it’s ultimately the job of the founder to drive initial sales. As the concept creator and visionary leader, the founder is the ideal candidate to sell a vision while the product is being developed, and to prove to both the market and the internal team that the concept is a viable solution that supports long-term growth.

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Classifieds Marketing

Online Classifieds are a valuable local small business resource.

We post to online classified sites like Kijiji, Backpage and Craigslist. We regularly draw in deal hunters, local business supporters, event enthusiasts, and local professional like realtors and trades people. Our classifieds marketing experience will keep your ads flowing.

“We manage many ads. We keep them fresh and rotating to maintain maximum brand awareness.”

See our Classifieds Marketing Strategy

Pre Start-up Planning

If you’re thinking about starting a business, then a little start-up planning is required. Business owners need a good head start in the beginning to stay on the right path.  Here are some tips to get that start-up going.

What’s in a name?Start Up Stages

What’s better? “Facebook”? or “The Facebook”? Does it matter? While a catchy name and appealing logo can define a brand, it’s always been key to have a functioning business plan or idea clear in your mind. Generic looking logos and simple text are often the best choice if you don’t have an absolute clear idea of what you want your vision to look like. If you know your brand will be one thing, or category, then making something specific to tell your audience what you do before they check you out is a great way to grab that curious client quickly.

What does your company do?

This should be concise and clear. A one sentence line should be enough to explain the gist of what you do. If you need a paragraph to explain your business then you may have to work harder on grabbing someones attention. Simplify your ideas, and make them short and sweet. Further explanations are best saved for first contact or meetings. Once you’re up and running then begin explaining more with web content and social communication.

Start Up Costs
What will it cost to start up?

How will your start-up make you money?

No really! Off the cuff math to approximate your profit is a road to tight budgets later. Figure out how many customers you need. Figure out how much inventory you will have to carry, if any. What are your monthly costs? Do you have a pre-start-up budget? Does your start-up need to make money right away? Does your start-up have to pay your living expenses? Is your business scalable? You may need more than off the cuff calculations.

Is it even worth the effort?

There are many things you can try before jumping into that final and normally expensive business. For new businesses it’s important to maintain some flexibility. Be creative and listen to your customers or clients. For many of the CEOs, and wealthy business owners, their freedom of schedule and success is a privilege second to none. There are a lot and gratitude in providing a sought after product or service.

First time start-up marketing.

First time business owners will often justify an experiment in marketing, only to pull the plug when results aren’t immediate. The quickest ways to get results is to do a bit of research and some smart postings to classifieds boards. Not all businesses can afford a jazzy website or professionally made branding.

DIY trial advertising is more work and time, but much cheaper in the end. Products and services that people can buy quickly, and without a lot of explanation, are the most popular type of small business. Buy/sell businesses have been around  forever, and with the right idea you can launch quickly from poor to prince.

What marketing specifically should I try first?

Try out this group of online buy/sell sites. Kijiji, OLX, and Craigslist are a good start. Try Kijiji as the main site to make your ad. When writing a Kijiji ad be sure to include a picture that is relevant to your idea. Free photos are available everywhere and so are cameras. Computers and phones come with editing software built in. Get familiar with simple photo editing on your computer and smartphone; a couple hours of self training goes a long way.
Next is don’t edit Kijiji in just one browser. Firefox has tools that Internet Explorer doesn’t have. Try it out, you’ll be surprised. Use colour, highlight links in blue, offer to allow people to join your Facebook page or website. Paying Kijiji a couple dollars to keep an ad on the top is a good idea and money often well spent.

Where to go for help.

Start your Start-up
Start your Start-up with

Clix Saver specializes in marketing and content management for small businesses and start-ups.

For many years, Clix Saver has been providing internet related services all over the board. We have zoomed in on the best bang for your buck approach, or ROI (return on investment). See the rest of our website to learn more. We provide all the services for your start-up mentioned above.

Fill out our quick contact form, so we can contact you right away, or call: 403-860-2753

Copywriting & Content Management

We take the cover and the book seriously! Our team prides themselves on their creativity but they don’t limit that to design only. Coming up with intriguing, interesting and invigorating content can be challenging. Our copywriters indulge in clever wordplay and strive to ensure that the content and copy compete with the cover. Our creative copywriting & content management packages are second to none.

Whether it’s a tweet, status update, Google AdWords campaign or a brand mission statement we can help you get your message out there and be heard, or seen, or read or… you get the idea!

Our wordsmiths can help you manage your copywriting & content.

Search Engine Marketing

“We have followed the criteria set out by Google and other search engines to set-up and run a successful advertising campaign to provide a constant flow of new customers at a good return on your advertising budget.”

We take the complexity out of search engine marketing. We get it! We provide a service that you breath easy with. When working with the Clix team we can design and then fully streamline your search engine marketing. We don’t just advertise, we optimize! We create interesting and actionable ads for use by Google and other search engines. We use marketing and social media to drive traffic directly to your page. Clix can jump start any new website in a flash!

Our Search Engine Page

Website Design and Development

Having a website is the foundation of your online presence. At Clix our talented team provides website design and development from scratch, template or update your existing Website. With a tailor made approach everything you need to build a successful and popular brand is at your fingertips.

Don’t stop there though, we provide mobile solutions including conversions of existing sites. We build content into a rich mobile experience. Don’t be left in the dark and don’t let your clients miss a beat on their tablets and smart phones.

See our Design Page.

We Help with Social Media Marketing

Want a free sample? We’ll introduce 1000 people to your Facebook Business Page. That’s right! We want to encourage you to contact us, so we can talk about marketing. We’ll invite 1000 real people from our own friend lists to like your page. This often results in 20-100 real likes, Free!!

Fill out the form at the bottom of the page to contact us and talk marketing.Down_Arrow

Do you have a Facebook business page? We will get it set up and rolling!

The benefits of social media marketing are fantastic. Not only does a healthy social footprint result in increased business traffic web and exposure, but it also leads to more a personal connection with your customers.

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