Own Your Social Media

Social Media is the preferred method to connect with people.

Social media seems like it’s never going to slow down. Its becoming the preferred method to connect with people and businesses. With Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, Twitter and all the others, we are headed into a new realm of engagement.

Personal social media posts are more sheltered and resist haters because most people viewing your posts are on your friend list and hopefully friends. Arms length communication and collaboration tends to be the norm. If we have had a bad experience with communicating IRL (In Real Life) and who hasn’t, the chances of us avoiding similar scenarios is more likely. Because of this social media is now the preferred method to connect. Social media is safe, easy and we can delete something if it’s not as favorable as we hoped.

Try new things


As a Manager and business owner I’ve led people to tasks only to see fear overwhelm them and inexperience stagnate any natural drive. Social media tends to remove this for the most part. We can try new things, post about food, news, politics, business, pets or really anything without an overwhelming amount of ridicule or judgement. Further more when we begin to test the waters with no results it normally means nobody cares or its not interesting. Social media largely follows the old adage. “If you have nothing good to say then don’t say anything.” This isn’t the rule but more the guideline. especially on your personal network. In the end this is because your audience or friends on social media are so inundated with new and information that we all truly have to pick our battles. We only crap on the ones that we feel truly deserve it. Social media has grown into a monster with teeth. Those teeth grow sharper based on your popularity and content.

Social media is a numbers game.

Social media is a numbers game with the ability to get a lucky hit. Be relevant, be entertaining, be natural. Try different things and get out the video camera. Take some photos, Facebook loves narcissism so go selfies!

get-to-the-topHow do we get to the top?

How do we get to the top of social media? the good news is there is no top. you have to be a creator and collaborator within your own personal community. As you create more content you’ll be able to focus your skills and see what the home runs are and what are the duds. You will need to be mindful of the seasons and have a good sense of humor and irony. Watch lots of videos about content creation and try to avoid hiring a stranger to help you with original content. Focus on the things you love.

Define a purpose.

If your page is a business then your social media pages should all have a similar theme. Likewise the content should have a similar theme. Once you have a proper theme just keep producing, sharing, and posting content and making offers to create individual interest. People like to join a cause so having a cause can help too. Our page Calgary Inventors Community is directly related to technology and invention. So all the content is related to that and the followers are into it and more likely to be interested.

Keep Connecting

Join local groups, message people and friend the ones you know and are also well connected. Asking someone with a large friend list to give you a shout out isn’t the worst thing, try to avoid spamming.

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