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Pre Start-up Planning

If you’re thinking about starting a business, then a little start-up planning is required. Business owners need a good head start in the beginning to stay on the right path.  Here are some tips to get that start-up going.

What’s in a name?Start Up Stages

What’s better? “Facebook”? or “The Facebook”? Does it matter? While a catchy name and appealing logo can define a brand, it’s always been key to have a functioning business plan or idea clear in your mind. Generic looking logos and simple text are often the best choice if you don’t have an absolute clear idea of what you want your vision to look like. If you know your brand will be one thing, or category, then making something specific to tell your audience what you do before they check you out is a great way to grab that curious client quickly.

What does your company do?

This should be concise and clear. A one sentence line should be enough to explain the gist of what you do. If you need a paragraph to explain your business then you may have to work harder on grabbing someones attention. Simplify your ideas, and make them short and sweet. Further explanations are best saved for first contact or meetings. Once you’re up and running then begin explaining more with web content and social communication.

Start Up Costs
What will it cost to start up?

How will your start-up make you money?

No really! Off the cuff math to approximate your profit is a road to tight budgets later. Figure out how many customers you need. Figure out how much inventory you will have to carry, if any. What are your monthly costs? Do you have a pre-start-up budget? Does your start-up need to make money right away? Does your start-up have to pay your living expenses? Is your business scalable? You may need more than off the cuff calculations.

Is it even worth the effort?

There are many things you can try before jumping into that final and normally expensive business. For new businesses it’s important to maintain some flexibility. Be creative and listen to your customers or clients. For many of the CEOs, and wealthy business owners, their freedom of schedule and success is a privilege second to none. There are a lot and gratitude in providing a sought after product or service.

First time start-up marketing.

First time business owners will often justify an experiment in marketing, only to pull the plug when results aren’t immediate. The quickest ways to get results is to do a bit of research and some smart postings to classifieds boards. Not all businesses can afford a jazzy website or professionally made branding.

DIY trial advertising is more work and time, but much cheaper in the end. Products and services that people can buy quickly, and without a lot of explanation, are the most popular type of small business. Buy/sell businesses have been around  forever, and with the right idea you can launch quickly from poor to prince.

What marketing specifically should I try first?

Try out this group of online buy/sell sites. Kijiji, OLX, and Craigslist are a good start. Try Kijiji as the main site to make your ad. When writing a Kijiji ad be sure to include a picture that is relevant to your idea. Free photos are available everywhere and so are cameras. Computers and phones come with editing software built in. Get familiar with simple photo editing on your computer and smartphone; a couple hours of self training goes a long way.
Next is don’t edit Kijiji in just one browser. Firefox has tools that Internet Explorer doesn’t have. Try it out, you’ll be surprised. Use colour, highlight links in blue, offer to allow people to join your Facebook page or website. Paying Kijiji a couple dollars to keep an ad on the top is a good idea and money often well spent.

Where to go for help.

Start your Start-up
Start your Start-up with

Clix Saver specializes in marketing and content management for small businesses and start-ups.

For many years, Clix Saver has been providing internet related services all over the board. We have zoomed in on the best bang for your buck approach, or ROI (return on investment). See the rest of our website to learn more. We provide all the services for your start-up mentioned above.

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